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Individual Body Part Reprogramming Treatment 
40 - 50 min


This very specialized treatment works on re-educating the mindset of the cells in the muscles, bones, nerves and ligaments associated with problematic areas in the body, helping to restore and harmonize a proper function in the whole bodily system.  


Treatment options: 

a) Face 

b) Front & Back Pelvis  

c) Breasts & Upper Back 

d) Neck, Arms & Hands 


Please discuss which treatment option is most suitable for you with your technician 



Benefits of this unique treatment: 


  • Brighter skin tone 

  • Noticeably smoother lines, wrinkles & reduced signs of aging 

  • Enhanced facial symmetry, optimising facial proportions 

  • Brings more clarity in perception & harmony to interpersonal relationships 

  • Facilitate more clear-minded expression with others 

  • Help to minimize pre-conditioned hereditary issues 

  • Alleviate emotions that lead to anxiety, frustration & stress 

  • Minimize muscle fatigue and pain 

  • Improved quality of sleep 

  • Feeling of calmness & emotional stability 

  • Initiate cells to generate a new program of youth 

Treatments are available at the following locations (by appointment):

En:code Spa & Wellness Institute
tel :  + 747 . 499 . 6063

PICER Institute & Wellness Centre 

2502 Winsome House, 73 Wyndham St., Central, Hong Kong 

tel :  + 852 . 2167 . 8661      

​opening hours: 1200 - 2100  (Mon- Sat)

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