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Welcome to Encode Spa & Wellness Centre, where we offer very unique treatments helping to re-program the whole bodily systems using our specially formulated products developed through a proprietary technology stemming from nearly two decades of intensive research and findings into the Mechanics of Life.  


Through our unique method of re-programming, we are able to access the DNA messaging system and re-educate the cells of the associated organs to reduce their toxic thinking patterns. This allows the body to stabilize itself naturally and bring balance back to your emotional, physical & mental wellbeing.


Our understanding is that life is a package, nothing is ever separate. Whether it be emotional stability, a positive outlook, a healthy body, steady finances or peaceful relationships; all aspects are connected together as one cannot be well without the other. In fact, this is the true meaning of holistic wellness and the key to living a healthy lifestyle.  

From our 18 years of research we have found that our DNA is a compilation of immense amounts of cognitive data that have been passed on to us from generation upon generation, making our DNA very complex in nature. These data not only dictate who we are and how we are, but are also responsible for our thought patterns and life happenings.


Our skincare products are specially designed to target the codes being emitted from the DNA, as these source codes are responsible for emitting minute amounts of radiation which damage the underlying elements in our epidermis, resulting in the aging process.  <<en:code>>™ skin care works deep at the source where the re-coding process is carried out, re-engineering the life program of our cells, organs, muscles and skin tissues, thereby restoring youth, health and vitality. By re-educating and re-programming the mindsets of the cells, a person can have a more balanced outlook, resulting in a healthier body & mind. 


Treatments are available at the following locations (by appointment):

En:code Spa & Wellness Institute
tel :  + 747 . 499 . 6063

PICER Institute & Wellness Centre 

2502 Winsome House, 73 Wyndham St., Central, Hong Kong 

tel :  + 852 . 2167 . 8661      

​opening hours: 1200 - 2100  (Mon- Sat)

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