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The <<en:code>>® skin care line and therapies are based on a unique proprietary science. Our research studies over the past decade and a half, have come to shown us three basic principles of our physiology:


  1. Our emotions are vibrations, frequencies, waveforms, that constantly oscillate, are radioactive in nature, similar to that of our microwave.  We call these frequencies, “codes”.

  2. These emotions or codes are sprung from not only our brain, but also from within our cells of that makes up our organs and systems.  Hence, the more emotionally active we are, the more radiation is responsible for the aging process and the generation of diseases and ailments.

  3. Understanding and researching extensively the above, we have devised the counteracting codes and formulated the different delivery systems to most effectively carry them to the corresponding bodily systems to re-educate the destructive aging effects in-built within our inherited DNA.


As our skin and physical appearance are the resultant of our bodily health, working with our organs and systems is what will inevitably improve and shine through as our new beauty.  This is the basis of our entire skincare line.  Our attempt is not to cover our flaws and blemishes, nor just to go skin deep, but to give you what you can ultimately best be; the best of your real you; no artificiality.


We summarise some of our findings on different skin issues below and how the <<en:code>>™ technology works to reduce the natural destructive effects of our DNA.


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skin basics
skin basics


The skin is a complex organ represented diagrammatically as below:

In actual fact, there is much more in the matrix of the dermis as shown below.  It is where the collagen, hyaluronic acid (components of a larger structure called glycosoaminoglycans) and elastin are situated.  Our R&D team have uncovered the common code characteristics of each of the systems involved as below.

skin condition + products
wrinkles & pigments + serum
skin conditions + products


The combinations of the over-active codes emitted from the DNA of our different constituents of our skin and bodily organs are what renders the condition of our skin.  Identifying and elucidating how these codes are generated and accumulated in the first place are the first steps of our research.  This new found knowledge can then be applied to engineering the necessary counteractive measures and the engineering of specific, out-of-phase codes, with rigorous and meticulous selection of ingredients, ensuring they, too, contain the compatible and optimal codes needed for each condition.  When used appropriately, <<en:code>>® products work to neutralise the adverse codes associated with our perception, mindsets and emotions, resolving them through physics, reprogramming the DNA to not only regenerate more youthful skin, but also regenerate a psychologically healthier and happier you.



wrinkles & pigmentation + <<en:code>>® serum


Wrinkles are caused by the reduction and destruction of: collagen fibres that provide the firmness, elastin that is responsible for the elasticity, and glycosaminoglycans that maintains skin’s youthful fullness in the dermis.  Our research indicates these effects are due to outward strong emission of codes associated with anger/discontent from the liver, heart and blood vessels externally via our skin.   Each type of wrinkle is also associated with more defined mindsets and emotions which our <<en:code>>® skin presentation describes.

Pigmentation is conventionally known to be caused by an excess of melanin being retained in epidermal cells of the skin.  We observe that the darkening of skin at specific areas, especially at the upper cheek bones areas and close to the eye sockets are to do with the chewing action at the bones, joints and facial muscles during the consumption of chewy, hard foods or meat.  Codes of pessimism and grudge are generated during this process and emits outwards via cheekbones and eye sockets.  The chewing action is also a major contributor to wrinkle formation, sagging skin and face widening.

The <<en:code>>® serum serves as a delivery system to send our tailored codes to these corresponding systems, and via skin, to modulate the destructive codes causing wrinkles and pigmentation, allowing the skin to recover and regenerate collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans – giving a chance for the skin to repair itself. Not only is our youthful skin restored, but also reduces the mentioned human characteristics.  Clients have reported feeling happier and content after using <<en:code>>® serum.

sagging skin + toning cream
sagging skin + <<en:code>>® toning cream


Sagging skin is to do with shortened and lessened collagen and elastin fibres disrupting the structural integrity of the skin, causing it to sag.  Other than being associated with the chewing action causing the accumulation of codes of pessimism and aggression, we notice that the individuals who tend to have sagging skin inherited DNA codes associated with suppressive frustration, dislike and small mindedness that radiate from the jaw.  The overall effect also causes the hollowing of the eye sockets and reduction of facial fat essential for that youthful baby look.

Massaging our encoded toning cream especially during the <<en:code>>® facial massage therapy, works back into the facial bones’ and muscles’ codes, neutralising the forces.  Again, as the root cause can be dealt with, the skin is given a chance to repair its structural integrity once again.  Healthy facial fat can replenish the fullness of an infant's face.

natural skin fat

natural skin fat


The fatty layer below our skin is also needed for a healthy balance for our beauty.  When there is an excess of adverse codes emitted from one or more of our organs, it renders undesired results.


Healthy skin fat looks like this:

bloatedness & face widening + toning cream
bloatedness & face widening + <<en:code>>® toning cream


Bloatedness / face widening is also to do with the chewing action, so that is why many people's faces grow wider as they get older.  Other than that, the characteristic codes also seen in face widening are related to nervousness leading to the need to control all situations, and when situations turn out not as planned, triggers much suppressive frustration and dislike.  These codes are generated by the reserve fat layer, lymphatic system, bone and muscle, causing it to increase in size and mass.

The <<en:code>> toning cream works deep into our skin, targeting these systems reducing the codes generated and emitted.

cellulite + body gel
cellulite + <<en:code>>® body gel


The code signature of cellulite is related to the psychologistics of fear of not being acknowledged, which when not acknowledged, pushes forth a feeling of depression, discontent and even anger at times.  These codes are located at the organs of the subcutaneous fat layer, blood vessels, lymphatic system and bone.  This results in excessive retention of fat and swelling of fat cells at the subcutaneous layer, that over stretch the ligaments holding the fat layer, causing the pimpled appearance.

The <<en:code>>® body gel’s constituents and extracts help deliver the unique codes that can neutralise the forces to the corresponding organs. Reducing the size of the fat cells, and lessening the strain on the ligaments.  The applicant may also feel more relaxed and more content.

ridged nails & hangnails + nail gel
ageing hands & nails + <<en:code>>® nail gel


Swelling, inflamation of joints that are usually visually apparent in ageing hands with rheumatic symptoms, is associated with the signature code of chronic suppressive grudge, anger, dislike quality, prejudice, extreme thinking and pessimism - emitting from the joints, ligaments, bone, liver, heart, and nervous system.  Our studies show people who have code set of impatience, ambition and frustration associated with career normally have unhealthy looking nails; have hangnails, dull coloured nails, brittle texture, uneven surface, or white spots on their nails.  The emission of codes predominately comes from the bones and blood vessels.  

Applying <<en:code>>® nail gel delivers the necessary counteracting codes to the bones and blood vessels to relieve the condition.  Via nail and accessing the bone, the nail gel can also access the corresponding systems and organs (joints, ligaments, bone, liver, heart and nervous system) that causes the enlarged joints appearences of rheumatic, ageing hands.

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