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initiation cream

awakens the youth and innocence in your skin



Initiation Cream adopts the world pioneering <<en:code>>® technology to re-awaken the inherent self-regulating functions of the skin, preventing the drying and aging process, which can lead to a dependence on external sources of moisture and nutrition. through our research we have found a solution to the aging process, through imprinting our unique codes into the special formulation of meticulously selected ingredients, re-engineering the life program of our skin tissue. this DNA reprogramming not only restores the youth and vitality of our appearance, but also regenerates a psychologically healthier and happier you.

our Initiation Cream messages the deeper layers of our skin with the codes that will re-educate the cells of the oil glands, the lymphatic and endocrine systems and the internal organs. re-awakening the natural function of our skin cells, restoring the automatic self-regulating nutrient functions of the skin.‎ regenerating new layer of epithelial cells‎ ‎(could induce a gentle skin peeling process for new users). this natural water balancing capability restores moisture and pH levels, giving skin a youthful, silky and supple appearance.


apply morning and night.

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